What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words, phrases, and sometimes sentences that people use when searching for something via search engines like Google. The keywords used for those searches and an estimate of how many times the keywords were searched are then saved by Google – which can be access using various SEO tools.

KPI RISE's Process for Keyword Research:

KPI RISE's process for performing keyword research is very straightforward and simple. First, we analyze and audit your competitor's keywords. We then analyze and audit the keywords that you are currently ranking for. Once we have both yours and your competitors keyword profile, we compare the two and look for keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you're not. We then provide both a 'keyword overview' sheet and 'opportunity keyword' sheet for you to use when creating content and building links.

How much is this Keyword Research Service Cost?

This Keyword Research Service is included in KPI RISE's SEO packages. However, if you're not looking for a full SEO package and just need help with your keyword research, KPI RISE is happy to offer this as a stand-alone service. You can expect KPI RISE's Keyword Research service to cost $100+ per research, depending on your industry.

Learn more about KPI RISE's Search Engine Optimization prices here: SEO Prices

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Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor
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"You all have been so valuable in helping me get my digital strategy together for Spaces & Co. Thank you!"

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Maurice Rice
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Darius, I appreciate everything you've helped us with and can't wait to put our new marketing strategy in action.

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