About Us

The Motivating Factor

Working with a digital marketing agency is usually an unpleasant experience for the company hiring them. Before starting KPI Rise and becoming an official company, here are some problems our staff ran into when auditing digital marketing companies for clients:

– Poor communication.

– Little to no results

– Overwhelming reports with lots of numbers and little information on how they’ve helped the client.

We created KPI Rise after seeing the problems associated with a lot of digital marketing agencies and wanting to make it better.

The Beliefs That Shaped Our Existence

We believe that a digital marketing agency, from the start, should:

1. Get results

2. Take care of their clients (under-promise and over-deliver)

3. Be transparent

All of the things we believed a digital marketing agency should be are what shaped KPI Rise into the small digital marketing agency it is today.

What Make Us Better

1. We keep things simple and transparent. We want our clients to understand the work and the results.

2. We’re marketers, not sales agents. We never hard sell clients on promises we don’t think we can keep (even though we’d grow faster if we did). All we do is explain how we can help and how much investment we need to get results. That’s it.

3. None of our strategies are secrets. The magic isn’t in what we do, it’s in our ability to execute consistently and get results.