About Us

The Motivating Factor

If you’ve ever hired a digital marketing agency before, you’ve likely received reporting from your agency that was complicated and hard to understand. You’ve probably also been confused as to what your digital marketing agency is doing for you on a regular basis. You may have even had a call with your agency and listened to them tell you that everything is going well – only to not see any changes to your business except for the monthly fee that’s being deducted from your bank account.

And that’s why KPI Rise exists.

We launched KPI Rise in 2014 because, as individuals, we experienced all the problems above (and more).

At that time, we believed that a digital marketing agency should be able to easily show us how well our digital marketing was helping us reach our goals – instead of showing us a long report with numbers that wasn’t helping our business grow.

The Beliefs That Shaped Our Existence

We believed that a digital marketing agency, from the start, should be transparent and honest about what they can and cannot do for us – instead of making promises they cannot keep.

We believed that a digital marketing agency should focus on genuinely helping people and businesses by providing helpful information at no cost – instead of making the client book a ‘free consultation’ (which is basically a sales pitch for most agencies).

All the things we believed a digital marketing agency should do are what shaped KPI Rise into the small digital marketing agency it is today.

The Things That Make Us Better

Instead of long, complicated monthly reports that are designed to confuse you and make you think your agency is getting good results – we analyze all your data, create a simple summary of how your month went, and report on the data that will help you achieve your goal.

Instead of saying whatever is needed in order to make you a new client – we walk through your website, current digital marketing strategy, and learn exactly what strategies we can use to help you. And once we know exactly how we can help you, we tell you what we’d do and how we’d do it. None of our strategies are secrets, they’re tried and true. The magic isn’t in ‘what we do’, it’s in our ability to get results and explain it simply.

And instead of charging outrageous fees and using contracts with almost unreadable fine-print – we keep our fees, contracts, and overall process simple.

All our fees are flat rate payments. Our agreement contracts are straight-forward and outline exactly what we’ll be doing for you. And our process is tailored around getting you results in order to reach your goals.

That’s it.

It’s not magic. It’s just effective digital marketing made simple.

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