Web Design can be very tricky for local small businesses. Most people assume that good web design is judged based on how 'good' a website looks. That assumption is not only incorrect, but can be detrimental for any small business that's trying to gain traction online.

The reason bein that, it's fairly easy to create a website that looks good but performs badly. For example, we've seen local businesses with websites that look awesome. They have a big homepage slider, tons of high quality photos, animated content, and more. The website looks phoenominal, but has a major flaw. Customers can barely utilize the website because it takes 30 seconds to load each page. What's the point of having a website if your customers can't use it?

Slow websites are not the only thing we've noticed. We've seen:

  • Websites that are not mobile-responsive and redirects mobiles users to a completely different version of their website.
  • Websites with content that disapears due to conflicting website coding.
  • Websites that provide a horrible user experience.

Our Goal With Your Web Design

Our goal is to give you the best of both worlds. Your website will be professionally designed and match your brand's image, while being optimized for your customers and performance. We want you to be able to be confident about your website and increase conversions at the same time because, if we're not helping you make more money and grow your business – why are we here, right?

Our Web Design / Development Services:

WordPress Setup Service

Our WordPress Setup service is designed to help local small businesses move to a more flexible and SEO-friendly platform. This service will get you set up with your own hosting account on a shared or dedicated server based on the traffic analysis we will perform on your current website, install and customize a website theme that is closest to your current website, transfer your content over, and then point your domain to your new hosting.

SSL / HTTPS Installation Service

A lot of local small businesses owners think that having an SSL / loading their website over 'https" instead of "http" is only useful if they're collecting sensitive information like credit cards from their customers. Actually, by loading your website over 'https' you'll not only improve the security of your website, but you'll also get an SEO boost and increase trust between you and your customers.

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Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor
(Founder of Spaces & Co.)

"You all have been so valuable in helping me get my digital strategy together for Spaces & Co. Thank you!"

Maurice Rice
Maurice Rice
(Co-Founder of BA$H)

Darius, I appreciate everything you've helped us with and can't wait to put our new marketing strategy in action.

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