Because SEO involves many moving parts to be effective and profitable for local businesses, KPI RISE offers several different professional and affordable Search Engine Optimization services. Depending on the demand for your products or services in your local area, your competition, and your current digital marketing strategy - you may only need one of our SEO services to help you dominate your local neighborhood. However, it's not uncommon for local businesses to combine several services to create SEO packages that best help them reach their goals and target KPI's.

This is one of the top reasons why we don't broadcast generic "complete Search Engine Optimization packages". Until we've discussed your goals, target KPI's, and analyzed your competitive landscape - we won't know services will best help you. And with our clients ranging from "mom and pop" stores to multi-location franchises, a one-size fits all approach just won't work.

KPI RISE's Search Engine Optimization Services:

This page provides a list and overview of each SEO service we offer. We recommend taking a look at each service and reading its overview as well. Once you're ready to learn more about what we believe will help the most with increasing leads, organic traffic, and dominating your local neighborhood - request a free SEO consultation.

SEO Site Audit Service

Our SEO Site Audit service gives our clients valuable in-depth technical and strategic information about their website, as well as show them what improvements can be made to help their business perform better organically. But that's not all. We also perform a basic Search Engine Optimization site analysis on their competitors to give them an overview on how their website and digital marketing strategy is performing compared to theirs. By included a competitive SEO site analysis into our SEO Site Audit, we've placed ourselves further ahead of our competition.

On-Page SEO Service

Our On-Page SEO Services helps clients optimize the technical pieces of their website for search engines. We perform a Search Engine Optimization Site Audit and find the problem areas, as well as the areas that can be improved. Once we have this information, we begin fixing any problems and optimizing your website. A few areas we cover in this service include your website structure and organization, headline tags, image alt tags, meta title and description, 404 error pages, and more.

Local SEO Citations Service

Our Local Search Engine Optimization Citation services allows our clients to extend their reach and engage with customers that may be looking for products and services they offer. We create and manage listings and profiles on platforms where your potential customers hang out (like Yelp & Foursquare) and then optimize those listings to help push potential customers to leads or customers, improve your SEO rankings on your website, and provide your customers with a consistent brand experience regardless of where they are viewing your business.

Keyword Research Service

Keyword Research is one of the most important parts of creating an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy. Our Keyword Research Services give clients information on what their customers are currently searching for in the form of phrases (or keywords). By knowing what your customers are searching for in the search engines, you will be able to create better content, products, or services that are specifically tailored towards what they are looking for.

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Ashley Taylor
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Maurice Rice
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Darius, I appreciate everything you've helped us with and can't wait to put our new marketing strategy in action.

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