Cleveland, Ohio has a ton of local Search Engine Optimization opportunity for small businesses that are looking to take advantage of the growing economy and current not-so-competitive digital landscape. To help you take advantage of this opportunity, we’re going to equip you with some valuable SEO information, regardless if you become a client or not.

How Local SEO can help your Business

By utilizing our Search Engine Optimization services in Cleveland, Ohio – you’ll be more likely to appear above your competitors for searches that happen in Cleveland or include Cleveland as a keyword – even if they’re searching from a different state than Ohio.

The benefits from a Local Search Engine Optimization campaign specifically targeting Cleveland can take a while (up to a few months) to go in effect – depending on how much SEO you’ve currently done and what problems (if any) need to be fixed. Because of this, SEO is not a short-term solution for increasing your organic traffic and leads. However, over time the results and benefits start to compound, leaving you with an increase in organic traffic and leads that won’t disappear once you run out of budget or pause a campaign.

SEO Services for Local Businesses in Cleveland:

SEO Site Audit Service

Learn how your website is currently performing and identify opportunities that will help you increase organic traffic and leads in Cleveland, Ohio.

More SEO Site Audit Info

On-Page SEO Service

Get your current website tuned-up and optimized for search engines like Google, while improving your organic traffic and SEO rankings in Cleveland, Ohio.

More On-Page SEO Info

Keyword Research Service

Learn what products and services your customers are searching for and an estimate of how many customers are searching monthly in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Local SEO Citations Service

Get your business listed in local directories that your customers use when searching for products and services that your small business offers and places that help increase your SEO rankings in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Why KPI RISE as your SEO Company in Cleveland

Finding and working with a reputable SEO company is becoming more and more difficult. We know that there’s a lot of Search Engine Optimization companies that will promise you the world, take your money, and deliver 0 results – that’s one of the top reasons we strive so hard to be the exact opposite of that.


We’re not going to promise you that we can increase your leads by 1000% within the first 30 days of working with us. We’re not going to promise you that we won’t make any mistakes, because we’re human too. But, what we will promise you is that everything we do to help your business succeed in Cleveland, Ohio will be transparent and with your best interest in mind.

Affordable Services

We do not have the ‘cheapest’ SEO services in Cleveland, Ohio, but we do offer some of the most affordable Search Engine Optimization services. Once you factor in the time you’ll spend fixing problems caused by “cheap” SEO companies in Cleveland and the lack of results you get from them, those “cheap” SEO companies suddenly become very expensive. Our price may be higher, but we try our best to make sure we help you make double the amount you’re paying us, while reducing your time commitment and stress.

Linear Long-Term Results

There are two types of results that come from Search Engine Optimization: linear and spikes. You should be very cautious of short-term spikes. Results that spike can be signs that “black hat” SEO techniques were used. Black hat strategies are known to hep you rank for a few weeks or months, but then tank once you raise enough red flags in Google. In extreme cases, your website can even get de-indexed, preventing you from ranking for anything.

We focus on getting you linear long-term results that come from white hat SEO strategies. Unlike ‘black hat’, you usually won’t see any short-term spikes in your organic traffic or rankings, but once the results come in – with the proper maintenance, they can last for months and years.

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