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Why is SEO Important in Cleveland, Ohio?

Every year SEO becomes more important because capturing organic traffic gets more difficult. When your competitors are doing SEO, you’re almost forced to do it as well or you run the risk of your competitors taking over the market.

As an SEO company based out of Cleveland, OH – we can confidently say that if you’re a local business looking to gain traction and grow your business, Cleveland’s SEO competitiveness is still relatively low (meaning cheaper for you) compared to nearby cities like Columbus.

But don’t expect Cleveland to stay like that for long.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we have new restaurants, stores, and businesses opening up like crazy! As more people and businesses come to Cleveland, the SEO market will become more competitive and much more expensive.

How Can SEO Help Your Business in Cleveland?

The purpose of any marketing strategy, SEO included, is to help you improve your main KPIs (key performance indicators). Your KPIs could be website visitors, leads, sales, social shares, video engagement, and more.

When doing SEO in Cleveland, OH – our clients either want more website visitors, more leads, and/or more revenue from their website. Sometimes there are other goals that we help them achieve but those 3 are the goals that, when we help them reach them with SEO – usually takes their business to the next level.

So, how can SEO help you business? In it’s simplest form, it will put your business in front of potential customers that are actively searching for what you offer.

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How Much Does SEO Cost in Cleveland, OH?

Our Full-Service SEO “package” is priced for businesses looking for an agency to manage and accountable for SEO results. The exact pricing varies based on the client and what work we’ll need to do in order to produce results. With that said, you can expect our prices to range between $500 – $3000 per month.

Cleveland SEO FAQs

Most frequent SEO questions and answers

If your customers are on the internet, you should be doing SEO. Your customers are likely searching for what you have to offer and without the help of SEO, in Cleveland – they may find the competition before finding you.

Every month we generate a simple report detailing how the previous month went and how we expect the next month to go. Depending on your goals, you will know if our SEO efforts are working via an increase in leads and/or website visitors.

SEO in Cleveland can show results relatively quickly. Results can start showing in as little 1-2 weeks. For most of our clients in Cleveland, results show within 4-6 weeks.

We guarantee results, not rankings. Regardless of what your SEO rankings are right now in Cleveland, we’re confident that we’ll still be able to analyze your data and find additional opportunities to get you results that help you reach your goal. If not, we’ll give you your money back.

Yes, we track local keyword rankings in Cleveland as an additional way to measure how beneficial the work we’re doing is for your Google rankings.

It’s simple. Just send an email or call us and let us know you’d like to cancel. We do ask that you give us at least 30 days so that we can get all of your data transferred to you.

Yes, we do SEO for all of Cleveland and surrounding areas. Our SEO service includes Akron, Westlake, Lakewood, Rocky River, Parma, Avon, Beachwood, Solon, Independence, Seven Hills, Brecksville, and more.

No, our SEO services are available for businesses in any area. If you’re looking for SEO outside of Cleveland, OH – contact us and we’ll learn your goals and get you closer to reaching them with SEO.